Template ImageIf your budget doesn’t allow you to seek out a professional business plan service to write your business plan, you may want to consider using a template. We have designed a template that will give you the tools necessary for writing a professional business plan.

We offer two templates: services and products. Each template is in Microsoft Word 2003, and it is editable, allowing you to customize wherever needed. Within each section, you will find a brief description of what the section should include. This will help you understand what is needed for the section while helping you manage your thoughts prior to typing your response. The descriptions are in blue font and can be removed once the section has been completed.

While you are working on your business plan template, our site offers useful links and tips that can further assist you during the business planning process. If you look at the top of this page, you will find a “Support” button. The button will guide you to our useful links and tip section.

Each template also offer you an Excel Spreadsheet to assist you further during the financial planning phase of your business plan. The file is in Microsoft Excel 2003, and it is editable for you to enter your projected figures. The spreadsheets are interconnected, which means that when you input a number it will automatically add the same number to other tabs that require the same number.

Again, this template is an inexpensive way of designing and developing your own customized business plan. Below you will find a payment link. Once you process the “Pay Now” amount and download the template, you will be able to add and remove any section that you would like, it is entirely adjustable. The excel spreadsheets are also adjustable.