frequently asked questionsOver the years, we have compiled a list of frequently ask questions (FAQ)¬†clients have when contacting us for a business plan. Below are often requested¬†FAQ’s:

Question 1: I have never written a business plan before nor do I have enough time to spend writing one. Can you help me write a business plan that will exceed my financial institution requirements?

Answer: Yes, we can write a comprehensive plan that will allow you to achieve financial funding through traditional and non-traditional credit processing.

Question 2: We are a new company, and although we understand our product line, we are unsure of a lot of other requirements related to business. Can you consult us while you write our business plan?

Answer: Yes, we have years of experience in business, and we can consult you during your initial phase of operations. If you have a question, we are unable to answer, we will find out the answer, one or another.

Question 3: Our company is growing, and we need a loan to help build a new facility. We are unable to secure funding from a traditional loan company. Can you help us?

Answer: Yes, we have partnered with a variety of financial institutions and many of our clients who are unable to get approval through traditional channels, can usually receive approval.

Question 4: We are looking for investment funding. Can you create a business plan that focuses on what investors are looking for in a business plan?

Answer: Yes, we can write an investor driven business plan that meets all their expectations. We’ve been working with investors for years, and we know what they are looking for in a business plan.

Question 5: We are in need of additional funding, but we are not sure if we want to pursue investors or banks for funding. Can you write a business plan for each?

Answer: Yes, we can provide you with two business plans that offer the same information, but focus on different funding goals. One plan will focus on bank funding while the second will focus on investment funding.

Question 6: Our company is growing, and we would like to list our products on a website. Can you help build a website that best represents our company?

Answer: Yes, our team can build a website that will work well with your company’s business structure. We offer Flash, Photoshop and HTML/XHTML based website design.

Question 7: We are expanding our company to the United States, can you provide us with an L1 visa immigration business plan?

Answer: Yes, we provide L1, EB-2, and EB-5 visa immigration business plans. Our success rate for USCIS approval is 100 percent.