consulting coachSucceeding in business is challenging especially in poor economic times. Today, companies are desperately seeking ways of improving efficiency while at the same time cutting costs. Profitability and growth are essential attributes for any for-profit business with strong consulting services.

Getting professional consulting help can save time, money, and frustration while getting your desired results. We are driven at ensuring that your goals and results are obtained through our knowledge and experience. We have the solutions for your company needs.

Analyze and Evaluate

  • Opportunity timing window
  • Profit potential for an adequate return
  • Can the opportunity be expanded?
  • Diversification options?
  • Obstacles
  • Market needs
  • Market trends


When an entrepreneur is thinking about starting up a new company, a business consultant can help guide a given start-up process to determine if it is a viable opportunity. We offer the following.

Small Business Start-up

We offer business start-up and small business advice to assist creating a new business idea with the expectation of seeking debt or investment financing for growing the company.

Steps taken with A good Business Consulting Process include:

  • Step One – Learn about the company
  • Step Two – Identify Problems
  • Step Three – Identify Opportunities
  • Step Four – Analyze and Evaluate
  • Step Five – Solutions
  • Step Six – Receive Feedback and Adjust Plan

Exactly What Does a Business Consultant Do?

  • Gets to know your company
  • Identifies problems and opportunities
  • Analyze your company model
  • Offer business solutions

Resource Audit

  • Existing skills and resources
  • Assess management plan
  • Internal skills and resources needed
  • Lacking resources to be out sourced if required
  • Unique aspects of your business model
  • Cost minimization strategies for resources
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Critical milestones which will minimize the ventures overall risk
  • Contingency resources

Develop a Business Strategy & Model

  • Effective barriers to entry
  • Identify and define customers
  • Supplier relationships and buyers conditions

Venture Deployment

  • Management Systems
  • Attracting and retaining good employees
  • Role of entrepreneur
  • Management delegation

Acquiring & Leveraging Needed Resources

  • Control mechanisms
  • Motivations of resources providers
  • Incentives
  • Will opportunity produce an adequate return?

Getting and Distributing Value

  • Consider options: Be acquired, merger, IPO, secondary offerings, sell company, liquidate or distribute
  • After tax yield options
  • Factors triggering long-term growth
  • Factors preventing growth
  • Consideration of company participants creditors, investors, partners, owners, founders, key management & employees, and the entrepreneur.

Getting and Distributing Value

When considering purchasing an existing company, a business consultant can employ an effective analysis, such as:

  • Products and services analysis
  • Management team appraisal
  • Operational analysis
  • Market position
  • Competitive factors
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Valuations
  • Rick Assessment

Our consulting service can help an existing company re-new and find itself again. we can help owners create and develop a new direction. In addition, we can lead a company away from problems and issues and get it on the right path. Our consulting service can help a company identify new opportunities to exploit.

A Business Consultant’s Value

A business consultant’s derived value pays for itself. What is paid in fees for a skilled business consultant pales in comparison to the profitability a consultant’s strategies will provide. A business consultant is an investment in the future success of any company.