Bank Business Plans

Comprehensive Business PlanBank loans can be through your local bank or through your local SBA office. SBA loans are made through banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions who partner with the SBA. The SBA provides a government-backed guarantee on part of the loan. Since this is a government subsidized program, loan requirements are strict, and several loans are not approved. However, in order to ensure that yours is approved, you must submit a business plan that will convey your message, drawing attention to your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. Our bank business plans follow SBA’s strict guidelines that include:

  • All bank business plans are SBA approved and tailored to the individual needs of your company.
  • 28-37 page custom written business plans with a complete market analysis and economic model
  • Plans can be completed in as little as 7 – 10 days
  • Five year financial projections that include monthly projections for the first two years

Furthermore, our bank business plans are full length documents that include the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Structure
  • Services or Products
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Service Business Analysis (Competitive Environment)
  • Company Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Management Summary
  • Financial Plan

Within each category, there are several subcategories that help strengthen the main category’s message. The final product is a well written and concise document that you can trust to your SBA agent.

The financial plan includes the financial goals for the company’s past and future projections. While some banks require five year projections, we offer five year projects with monthly projections for the first two years. Each bank business plan includes the following financial projections:

  • Past Performance (For existing companies)
  • Start-up table (For new companies)
  • Start-up Funding (For new companies)
  • Projected Sales
  • Projected Profit and Loss
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Projected Balance Sheet

In addition, all financial projection tables listed in the appendix section are formatted in a monthly configuration.