Angel Investment Plans

investment fundingOur angel investment plans are geared toward angel investors who provide capital for start-up companies, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Angels typically invest their own funds, unlike venture capitalists who manage the pooled money of others in a professionally-managed fund.

Angel investment plans cater to angel investors who meet Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) definition of accredited investors. They each need to have a net worth of at least $1 million and make $200,000 a year (or $300,000 a year jointly with a spouse).

Angel investors give you money. You sell them equity in the company, filing the investment raise with the SEC. Angel investments commonly run around $600,000. Most investments rounds also involve multiple investors, thanks to the proliferations of angel groups.

Angel investors bear extremely high risk and are usually subject to dilution from future investment rounds. As such, they require a very high return on investment, and tend to invest in high return start-ups.  Angel investors are increasing investing through equity crowdfunding or angel network groups to share research and pool their investment capital, as well as to provide advice to their portfolio companies.

Since they use they own funds to invest, they must be able to clearly visualize the company and its long-term objectives. All angel investment plans are investor ready and include the following:

  • Investment Offering
  • Investment Analysis
  • Use of Funds
  • Payback
  • 40 page professional designed document with full market analysis and 5 year financial model
  • Plans are completed in 10 to 12 days
  • Specifically designed to be use for angel and private Investor funding